1. Customize myPoint menu

Open myPoint panel and select General preferences view.
  • Select or unselect highlighted checkboxes. This will show or hide related rows in myPoint menu.
  • Open myPoint menu to preview the result.
The menu tuned up at max:
  • When you cannot open myPoint panel from the menu (all related menu items are hidden):
    • Use the "Open myPoint panel" hotkey (default: ⌃⌥⌘ P).
    • Or relaunch myPoint (while it is already running in the background) from the Applications folder.
  • When "Quit" menu row is hidden the app can be exited from General preferences panel:
    • Open myPoint panel.
    • Select General view.
    • Click on "Quit" button.

2. Customization strategy

If you plan to use myPoint please concern the following plan.
  • Prepare this app to run automatically.
    • Open the preferences panel.
    • Select General view.
    • Select the "Automatically start myPoint when I login" checkbox.
  • Hide the "Quit myPoint Pro" menu row.
    • Clear the "Quit" checkbox.
  • Hide the "About myPoint Pro" menu row. The command is valuable until you get familiar with this app.
    • Clear the "About" checkbox.
  • Keep the "Help" menu row until you read all tutorials.
    • Clear the "Help" checkbox.
  • If you plan not to change a tool then hide the related tool menu row.
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