1. Crosshair activation via keyboard

Use the shortcut ⌃⌥⌘ H (Control, Option, Command and H) to toggle the crosshair.

2. Crosshair performance & computing resources

By default the crosshair is working in so called Optimized performance mode.
In this mode it consumes very small memory and moves almost instantly after the mouse.
However you will notice that both gauges are moving regardless each other. Even more the central spot (when it's drawn) is not as translucent as other part of gauges.
You can turn off the Optimized performance mode.
In this case both gauges will move together and the central spot will look OK. But the memory consumption is very high and the mouse will be followed with a noticeable delay.
Hint: use the "Optimize performance" mode on memory hungry system.
Select the performance mode.
Open myPoint panel, select the Grid view and click on "Optimize performance" checkbox.

3. Tune up the crosshair

Open myPoint panel and select the Grid view:
  • Use the shortcut ⌃⌥⌘ P to open the panel.
  • Or open myPoint menu, open the Grid submenu and click on the "Grid preferences..." row.
There is a group box with all the crosshair preferences.

4. Restore default settings

Open the crosshair preferences and click on Restore defaults button.
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