1. Grille activation via keyboard

Use the shortcut ⌃⌥⌘ L (Control, Option, Command and L) to toggle the grille.

2. Tune up the grille

Open myPoint panel and select the Grid view:
  • Use the shortcut ⌃⌥⌘ P to open the panel.
  • Or open myPoint menu, open the Grid submenu and click on the "Grid preferences..." row.
There is a group box with all the grille preferences.

3. Pin the grille

  • Select the "Pin" checkbox.
    Now the grille will stay steady and any tune will be caught by eyes - even the smaller changes like color shades and opacity.

4. Change gauges

  • Drag the Gauge slider to change the gauges' thickness.
  • Click on gauge color well and chose new color. Note there is an opacity slider in the color panel.

5. Change the aperture

  • Drag the Aperture slider to change the aperture size.
    Note there are two numbers at the right slider's side: the 1st is the horizontal or vertical size of the aperture and the 2nd is the thickness of the gauge. The sum of both numbers is the step of the grille.

6. The measures of the grille

  • Gauge thickness: bound to the Gauge slider.
  • Aperture width: bound to the Aperture H slider.
  • Aperture height: bound to the Aperture V slider.
  • Horizontal step: the sum of the gauge thickness and the aperture width.
  • Vertical step: the sum of the gauge thickness and the aperture height.
Dependences between the measures above are described by the following formulas:
  • Horizontal step = aperture width + gauge thickness
  • Vertical step = aperture height + gauge thickness

7. Mouse gauge & mouse crosspoint

  • Unselect the "Offset from mouse" checkbox.
  • Unpin the grille: unselect the "Pin" checkbox.
  • Move the mouse slowly.
    Note the grille will follow the mouse.
  • There are two gauges - one horizontal and another vertical - that cross the mouse position all the time. They are called mouse gauges and their crosspoint is the mouse crosspoint.

8. Resize the grille

  • Pin the grille.
  • Change the gauge thickness.
    Observe the change of the grille step.
  • Change the aperture size.
    Once again observe the change of the grille step.
    Note both mouse gauges are immovable.

9. Offset from the mouse

It's all about positioning of the grille. In fact the positioning is just an alignment of:
  • one gauge - horizontal or vertical.
  • two gauges - horizontal and vertical.
  • a crosspoint of an horizontal and a vertical gauges.
In general it doesn't matter which gauge or crosspoint will be aligned. However there are two cases when the mouse gauge or the mouse crosspoint has to be aligned:
  • Resizing the grille after it was pinned.
  • Positioning according mouse coordinates.
In other case the grille can be aligned by any gauge or crosspoint.
When aligning mouse gauges or crosspoint please follow the strategies below:
  • Positioning the grille according mouse coordinates.
    • Toggle off the offset from mouse.
  • Positioning the grille according a point in a processing object (UI Form, Drawing, etc.).
    • Toggle on the offset from mouse. Set one or both sliders to "-5"."
      The rule is to make the mouse gauge or crosspoint visible aside of mouse.
  • Positioning the grille according an object's borders.
    • The value of the "Offset" checkbox doesn't concern.

10. Restore default settings

Open the grille preferences panel and click on Restore defaults button.
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