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Two hotkeys activate the locator

There are two hotkeys for locator activation:
  • A standard shortcut: F-key (F1 to F19) or a combination of a regular key with one or more modifier keys.
    This hotkey always works, but it's not so handy.
  • Tap on a single modifier key.
    This is the easiest hotkey, but it doesn't work in Mission Control and Application windows.

How to preview the locator

v1.5 & next
There are three ways to preview the locator:
  • Activate the locator by hotkey.
  • Click on the "Toggle locator" button.
  • Select the "Preview changed settings" checkbox - this will enable the Preview locator feature. The preview will be shown when settings are changing. Its position will follow the rules below:
    • The preview will be shown on the so called mouse screen - this is the screen with the mouse pointer.
    • If myPoint panel is not on the mouse screen, the preview will be positioned at the center of the screen.
      This option is available only on multi-display computers.
    • If myPoint panel is on the mouse screen, the preview will be positioned at the left or right side of the panel. "Left or Right" depends on which screen-half is less occupied by the panel.
      In case the screen height is longer than the width (aka portrait view), the position will be "Above or Below".

How to set the duration of the momentary locator

v1.5 & next
First, decide about the animation and select the "Animated momentary ring" or the "Static momentary ring" radio buttons.
Then continue with:
  • Animation speed and number of repetitions for the animated locator.
  • The display time for the static locator.
Change these settings and preview the locator until you get the best experience.

If the locator does not activate on a Modifier key

v1.1 & next
The locator activation settings specify a key and a number of key taps.
Note: All key taps should happen in a period of 1 second.

Password fields and Modifier keys

v1.1 & next
For security reasons, Apple Inc. changed key events into password fields. Therefore, there are side effects when activating by a Modifier key:
  • Single tap activation - the locator is activated at the moment of pressing the key. Because of this, do not use the combination Shift & Single tap in public places to not compromise the password.
  • Multiple (Double, Triple) tap activation - the locator is not activated.

If Sticky Keys are ON

v1.1 & next
In this case, Modifier keys have three states (referred to be the equivalent conditions when Sticky Keys are off):
  • Off - corresponds to the non-pressed key
  • Short pressed - corresponds to the pressed state until another key is pressed
  • On - corresponds to the pressed key
Therefore you should press the Modifier key three times to return it to its current state. This behavior reduces the convenience of using such a key as a locator activator - the only acceptable practice is a setup of a single tap:
Note: you still need three or six key taps - this depends on the current state.
Sticky Keys settings are in System Preferences:
  • Open the Accessibility tool and select the Keyboard:
  • On macOS Lion, open the Universal Access tool and select the Keyboard:
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