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What is the "Current halo"

v1.5 & next
The "Current halo" is the visible one.
If there is no halo on the screen the current halo is the last visible halo.
To check which halo is the current one, open the halo center. The image of the current halo is shown in the preview control and the row with its name is selected in the table with halo records.
Use the "Toggle current halo visibility" shortcut or menu item to show or hide the current halo.
Note: there is only one current halo at a time.

What is the "Halo set"

v1.5 & next
The halo set is a convenient way to work with few chosen halos.

How to include a halo in the halo set:
  • Open the halo center.
  • Scroll the table with halo records.
  • Select the checkbox at the left side of the halo name.
How to exclude a halo from the halo set:
  • Open the halo center.
  • Scroll the table with halo records.
  • Unselect the checkbox at the left side of the halo name.
How to use the halo set:
  • Select only halos related to the current task.
  • Change the halos with the "Show next halo from halo set" shortcut - so called cycling the halo set.
  • Layout objects: select crosshairs, vertical and horizontal rulers, one or more grilles.
  • Read text: select few reading lines. Change halos to experiment with line thickness and color.
  • Presentation: select a thick reading line for text,
    a large circle halo to surround important areas
    and a big arrow or very small ring to indicate the exact location on the screen.
  • Fun time: select your funny halos and cycle them.
Note: initially all the preinstalled halos are included in the halo set.

Why the halo is missing

v1.5 & next
If everything is OK but the halo is missing, please open the halo center and check the list below:
  • Verify the "Use mouse halo module" checkbox is selected.
  • Press few times the "Toggle current halo visibility" shortcut.
  • Scroll the table with halo records and confirm that there is a row selected.
    Or just click on a row to select it as a current halo.
  • If the halo is still missing, please check the settings of the current halo record,
    especially: size, transparency, horizontal and vertical offsets.

Why some buttons are disabled

v1.5 & next
Below the table with halo records is a row of buttons.
Buttons [-], [Copy] and [Edit] are acting only on user added halos. Because of this they are disabled for the preinstalled halos.

How to add custom halo

v1.5 & next
Open the Halo view in myPoint panel. Press the [+] button below the table.
Enter the name of the new halo and choose its image file. Save the record and customize the halo settings.
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