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How to enable the "Dim others" feature

1.17 & next
  • Connect two or more screens (not mirrored) to the system.
  • Open myPoint panel and select Shade view. Click on the "Dim others..." button to open the related settings sheet.
  • Select the "Enable 'Dim others' feature" checkbox.
  • Remember the "Toggle on" hotkey - default is ⇧⌃⌥⌘ S.
  • Test the feature via selecting and deselecting the "On" checkbox.
  • Press the "Done" button to close the sheet.

What about Desktop shade and Desktop target

1.17 & next
After a name unification, the "Desktop shade" was renamed to "Common shade", and the "Desktop target" became "Common shade target". However, the functionality is still the same.

When read and write

v1.1 & next
If your primary work is related to text, you can set a Money Green shade (gray with a touch of green). This color is very gentle to the eyes during long reading.
To achieve this effect, use the following settings:

Processing images with vivid and bright colors

v1.1 & next
Each vivid picture can be easily darkened with a gray shade. The gray shade will preserve the relation between colors. It will keep your eyes relaxed. When necessary, ensure an exact color - just disable the shade with the hotkey (default hotkey ⌃⌥⌘ S).
To achieve this effect, use the following settings:

When watching dark pictures and movies

v1.1 & next
If the picture is too dark, you can adjust it with a white shade. This way, you will see more details in dark areas.
Note: this technique does not improve the image quality. It just lightens the image.
To achieve this effect, use the following settings:

Day & Night

v1.1 & next
If the room is lit by the sun or the lamps mimic daylight, add blue shade (deep sky blue is pretty good). Thus, the picture looks more natural.
To achieve this effect, use the following sample settings:
And vice versa - at night or in a dark room, add ochre, dark goldenrod, or ginger shade.
Warmer colors will not irritate your eyes.
Sample settings:
If the room is completely dark, add a dark chocolate shade.
Sample settings:
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