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What is the Grid

v1.13 & next
The Grid is just a common name for both crosshair and grille.
v1.1 - v1.11
In previous versions, the Grid was a concept enveloping both grille and crosshair modules.
The program rules:
  • The user can show and hide Grid, Grille, and Crosshair by hotkeys or from myPoint menu.
  • If one of Grille and Crosshair modules is turned on, it also shows the Grid.
  • If all modules are turned off, the Grid is also turned off.
  • If the Grid is turned off, all modules are also turned off.
  • When the Grid is turned on, Grille and Crosshair will restore their state.
    Note: When the Grid is off because of turning off all the modules, showing Grid will show all modules.
  • If one of the modules is turned on when the Grid is off, then only this module will be visible, regardless of the state of the other module.
The working style:
  • Use "Hide Grid" in order to restore the current state of modules later.
  • Use "Hide module" in order not to restore it automatically when you turn on the Grid later.
  • Use "Show module" when the Grid is off in order to work only with this module.
  • Use "Show Grid" in order to restore the last state of all modules.
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