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Stop hunting for your mouse!

Simple Mouse Locator will show the right mouse position.
Computers with multiple high resolution displays present us with the "where is my mouse" problem. Simple Mouse Locator reveals the mouse position via a momentary or permanent locator.
The tool is highly customizable: geometry, transparency, animation speed, hotkeys, mouse gesture, events.
  • Activation:
    • Hotkey combination.
    • Single modifier key.
    • Mouse gesture.
    • Mouse crosses between screens.
    • Mouse hits screen borders.
    • Mouse moves after a period of inactivity.
  • Locator customization:
    • Colors and opacity.
    • Predefined sample colors.
    • Size and thickness.
    • Animated or static.
    • Animation speed and repetition.
    • Momentary or permanent.
  • General features:
    • Locator is visible on all monitors and in full screen.
    • Customizable hotkeys.
    • Hotkey to show or hide application menu in menu bar extras.
    • Can start automatically at user login.
    • Common preferences panel for all settings.
    • Support multiple users, screens and desktops.
    • Compliant with the last Apple Privacy Policy.
    • Built on Apple's security paradigm sandboxing - reducing the threat of rogue code and malicious software.
  • Notes:
    • When the app is running, no icon is shown in the Dock. The basic control is through a menu in menu bar extras.
    • Simple Mouse Locator neither changes the shape of mouse pointer nor hides it.
    • By default Mouse Locator is tuned as a momentary animated ring and can be shown or hidden by some events.
      More settings are available in Locator Center.
    • Simple Mouse Locator is designed for maximum simplicity.
      If you prefer more features and control please consider myPoint Light and myPoint Pro. They have more mouse enhancement tools: crosshair and mouse halo.
What's new in version 1.9:
Fixes in display time settings.
Fixes in static ring performance.
Combined use of permanent and momentary locators.
Locator activation when mouse hits screen borders.
Simplified preferences.
Compliance with the last Apple Privacy Policy.
The mouse handling code does not require registration in the "Privacy Input Monitoring" list anymore.
Small fixes and optimisations.
Fixes in mouse tracking.
Fixes in preferences panel.
Optimized power consumption for longer battery life.
Accessibility improvements.
Ability to disable the locator automatically on single screen computers.
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