About mouse locator

The locator is a momentary or permanent visual effect which emphasis on mouse position. It is a two-colored ring around the mouse cursor.
  • The momentary locator is active up to few seconds. It can be animated or static.
  • The permanent locator is only static.
  • The animated locator is a shrinking ring. The shrinking speed and the repetition can be set in myPoint panel.
  • The static locator is a steady ring and will not change its size. The display period can be set in myPoint panel.
The locator can be activated by a number of events: shortcut combination, pressing a single modifier key, mouse gesture, etc.
The locator is fully customizable: ring's colors, transparency, diameter and thickness; animation's speed and repetition; activation events; hotkey combination - they all can be adjusted.
Naturally the locator supports multiple users, screens and desktops.

Enabling / disabling the locator module

When the locator is disabled all the locator computing resources will be freed.
Click on "Use locator module" checkbox in myPoint menu.

Customizing the locator

Open myPoint panel and select the Locator view.
Use mouse locator module
This option doubles the "Use locator module" checkbox in myPoint menu.
Auto disable on single screen system
The locator module will be disabled on computers with one screen. So the app will minimize the CPU load and will free related system resources.
Default value is off.
Note: The locator will be enabled or disabled at the moment the second screen is attached or detached. So after this moment it can be still disabled or enabled manually.
Restore defaults
Pressing this button will reset the locator ring to its default view and behavior.
Locator Ring
Outer diameter
The outer diameter of the locator ring when it is expanded at maximum. Default value is 20.
(for all the math guys - the value is a percent of the main display height).
Ring thickness
The thickness of the ring. Default value is 16.
(again this value depends on the main display height - the relation is per mille ‰).
Animated ring
This is the shrinking ring around the mouse.
Animation speed
Determines how many times animation cycles are possible for one second. Default value is 6.
Animation repeat
States how many animation cycles to be performed actually. Default value is 3.
Static ring
Display time
Determines how long the locator will be visible. Default value is 1s.
Note: to set the infinity duration just move the slider to its leftmost position.
Fade out in
After Display time elapses the locator will fade out for specified period. Default value is 0.3s.
Outer and Inner colors
The locator ring consists of two concentric subrings. The colors are selectable via standard color panel. The opacity value is also available.
Preview changed settings
Enables the Preview locator feature. The preview will be shown when a setting is changed.
Show locator
Activates the real locator. It's just for convenience.
Locator activation
Activation with hotkey:
Hotkey combination to toggle the mouse locator.
Default value is ⌃⌥⌘ Space.
Activation with modifier key only:
Modifier key only
Show the locator by pressing one of the modifier keys:
Shift, Function, Control, Option, Command.
Default key is Control.
Number taps
How many times to press the key to display the locator.
Possible values: Single, Double, Triple.
Default value is Single.
Do key taps in selected period
A period of time in which the key should be pressed specified number of times.
Default value is 0.99 seconds.
Activation with a mouse or trackpad gesture:
Wave mouse
The mouse locator can be activated via mouse or trackpad gesture - waving horizontally or vertically.
This option can be turned off.
Default value is off.
Number waves
How many times have to wave the mouse to display the locator.
Possible values: 1 to 6.
Default value is 4.
Wave length
How long should be the movement in one direction in order to be accounted as a wave.
The length is measured in percentage (%) of the width or height of the main monitor according to the wave direction.
Default value is 20 %.
Do the gesture in selected period
A period of time in which the whole gesture should be accomplished.
Default value is 0.99 seconds.
Activation on mouse move:
When mouse is crossing between screens
When selected, the locator will be activated when the mouse moves from one screen to another.
Default value is off.
On mouse move after inactivity period of
When selected, the locator will be activated on first mouse move, if the inactivity period is greater than the selected value.
Default value is 1 minute.
Locator action on mouse click
  • "Nothing" - the locator will not react on mouse click. This is meaningful for a long or infinite display period.
  • "Hide" - the locator will hide.
  • "Show" - the locator will show according current settings.
  • "Show mouse drag" - the locator will be shown during the drag (from mouse down to mouse up events).
    Note: the locator will apply "Static ring" settings. It will fade out at the place of mouse up event.
By default the locator will hide on mouse click.
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