About Crosshair

This module shows a full screen crosshair of two perpendicular lines across the mouse position.
It is an easy and light tool for aligning everything in your screen - extremely useful in a multi monitor environment. Combining it with Coordinates will help you to measure any point on the screen.
Crosshair can be shown on all monitors simultaneously...
or on the monitor with the mouse pointer only.

Show and hide the crosshair

To show or hide the crosshair click on "Show crosshair" checkbox in myPoint menu, or press the hotkey (default: ⌃⌥⌘ H).

Customizing the crosshair

Open myPoint panel and select the Grid view.
Restore defaults
Pressing this button will reset crosshair settings to default values.
Toggle crosshair visibility.
Default value is Off.
Gauge slider
The width of the line when the crosshair is active.
Default value is 1.
Gauge color
The color of the line when the crosshair is active.
Default value is Red with opacity of 50%.
Toggle crosshair outlining.
It's one point thick line around the gauge. Default value is Off.
Outline color
The color of the outlining lines when the crosshair is active.
Default value is White with opacity of 50%.
On mouse screen only
When unselected: the crosshair will be shown on all screens simultaneously.
When selected: the crosshair will be shown only on screen with mouse pointer (aka mouse screen).
Default value is Off.
Optimize performance
When unselected: the visualization is correct always.
When selected: the memory usage and the movement speed are improved significantly. However visualization artifacts can appear - especially when the crosshair is moving.
Default value is Off.
Offset from mouse
When selected, myPoint offsets the crosshair by specified amount horizontally and vertically.
Default value is Off.
"H" slider
Specifies the crosshair's horizontal offset from mouse position.
Default value is -5.
"V" slider
Specifies the crosshair's vertical offset from mouse position.
Default value is -5.
Show center spot
Show or hide the intersection spot of both gauges.
Default value is On.
Clear around center
Keep the center space cleared from gauges.
Checkbox default value is Off.
Slider default value is 20.
Toggle crosshair
Hotkey combination to show and hide the crosshair.
Default value is ⌃⌥⌘ H.
There is a small button at right side of the hotkey editor - click on it to simulate activation of the related hotkey.
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