1. Basics

funPoint is designed as an on-screen tool that is working while another application is active. Because of this, there are some specifics in the application's User Interface.
Missing UI elements:
  • The app icon in the Dock.
    In fact, such an icon can duplicate funPoint icon in the menu extras (aka menu bar extras). However, if there isn't free screen space for an icon inside the menu extras, there's no free space for a dock icon too. Finally, the icon in the menu extras is preferred because of its smaller size.
  • The application menu in menu bar.
    This menu relates to the active application. However, funPoint is especially designed to work while other apps are active. Because of this, funPoint icon inside menu extras is preferred.
Available UI elements:
  • funPoint application icon in Applications folder.
    By default, funPoint will be installed inside the Applications folder. Open the Applications and find out the funPoint application icon.
  • funPoint application icon in Launchpad.
    The same icon can be found in Launchpad too. Open the Launchpad and type "funPoint" in the search field.
  • funPoint icon in menu bar extras.
    This icon differs from funPoint application icon. It's small and simplified. Click on it to open funPoint menu.
  • funPoint menu in menu bar extras.
    It's a drop-down menu revealed after a click on funPoint icon. This menu replaces the common application menu in the menu bar.
  • funPoint panel (aka Preferences panel).
    This panel is a common application panel with some views.
    All views are organized in a tab control - there are about box, general settings, and halo center views.

2. Launch funPoint

funPoint can be found in the Applications:
Or in the Launchpad:

3. Accessing funPoint

When funPoint is running, no icon is shown in the Dock.
The only visible part is a small icon in menu bar extras - so called funPoint icon.
Click on funPoint icon to open funPoint menu - this is a drop-down menu shown just below funPoint icon.
All the basic control is through funPoint Menu:

4. Getting help

When you need help, please open funPoint Menu, click on the Help item and navigate on the topic:

5. Exiting funPoint

Open funPoint Menu and click on the Quit item:
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