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Voice Over and hotkeys

All versions
There are some issues with hotkeys when Voice Over is ON, especially:
  • All shortcuts that involve both VO keys (Control and Option) are not working.
  • Hotkey editors (our and others) react badly when both VO keys are pressed.
  • Change default hotkeys to combinations without Control and Option (⌃⌥).
    For example, change the activation hotkey from “⌃⌥⌘ /” to “⌘ /”, “⇧⌘ /”, “⇧⌥ /”, etc.
  • Try using “⌘” or Function for modifier key only activation.

How to open funPoint panel when funPoint is hidden

v1.1 & next
When funPoint icon is removed from the menu bar extras, funPoint panel can still be opened.
You can achieve this in two ways:
  • Relaunch funPoint (while it is already running in the background) from the Applications folder.
  • Use "Open funPoint panel" hotkey in General preferences (default: ⌃⌥⌘ P).

How to return funPoint icon in menu bar extras

v1.1 & next
You can achieve this in two ways:
  • Open funPoint panel and select "Show funPoint icon in menu bar extras" checkbox in General preferences view.
  • Use "Toggle icon visibility" hotkey in General preferences (default: ⇧⌃⌥⌘ Space).

How to remove funPoint icon from the menu bar extras

v1.1 & next
funPoint is able to hide its icon in menu bar extras. The picture below shows the effect of this feature:
You can achieve this in two ways:
  • Deselect the checkbox "Show funPoint icon in menu bar extras" in General preferences.
  • Use "Toggle icon visibility" hotkey in General preferences.
Safety note:
Please write down this hotkey before you hide the icon (default: ⇧⌃⌥⌘ Space).
If the icon is hidden and the hotkey is forgotten, please relaunch funPoint (while it is already running) - funPoint panel will be shown.

If funPoint fails to register in the Login Items list

All versions
Deselect the Automatically start option in funPoint panel.
Select the Do not ask option.
Open Launchpad or Applications and click on System Preferences icon:
In System Preferences window, click on Users & Groups icon inside System group:
In Users & Groups window, select the preferred user - the current user in common case.
If funPoint application is not listed in Login items, click on the "+" button:
In Select Application window, navigate to Applications and select funPoint:
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