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How to close a running test.

Try one of following ways:
  • Press Esc button.
    If the test window is active just press the Esc button else click inside the test window to activate it and press the Esc key.
  • Open the dashboard.
    Click on the "Cancel test" button.
  • If testPoint menu is accessible.
    Open testPoint menu and click on the "Stop all tests" item.
  • Open Test center and click on the "Stop all tests" button.
    If all monitors are covered with test windows then just move to another desktop and open Test center.

How to run different tests on a video wall.

Follow these steps:
  1. Create a custom group.
    Fill it with chosen tests.
    If there is already a suitable group, just use it.
  2. Uncheck the "Equalize same tests at all screens" checkbox.
  3. Select the "Equalize tests at video wall" and "Step in cycle" checkboxes.
  4. Run the group.
    Navigate to the test common for the most of displays.
  5. Uncheck the "Equalize tests at video wall" checkbox.
  6. Navigate the "different" test.
    Use the dashboard or mouse.
Use this approach to run different steps from one test, or to apply different tuneups in same test step.

How to improve my old CRT monitor.

CRT monitors can be "improved" a bit in following ways:
  • Nearby electronic equipment.
    Consider any magnetic field generator placed nearby the CRT monitor. Devices like computers, speakers, external disk drives, telephones, fans, electric motors, solenoids, power transformers, etc. can affect the color purity.
  • Degauss the screen.
    (only one time in half an hour)
    The magnetic fields are affecting the color purity in color CRT displays. Any movement of a monitor (even a rotation in place) will change the magnetic field (at least its orientation) influence over it. The idea behind the degaussing is to remove effects of all magnetic field changes.
  • Change the orientation of the monitor.
    (urban legend: manufacturers do not publish information about the process but there are rumors about it)
    The CRT monitors are initially adjusted (in factory) facing East. As a result it should be oriented in that direction to get the best color purity.
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