1. Check myPoint version

Open myPoint menu and click on the "About myPoint Light" item.
The version is written in the middle of the About box.

2. Open myPoint panel via keyboard

There is a hotkey that will open myPoint panel. Default value is ⌃⌥⌘ P.
The last selected view will be selected again.
The current value of this hotkey can be found in the General view in myPoint panel.

3. Hotkeys

All the available hotkeys are shown in myPoint panel. The value of every hotkey is managed (show, edit, restore, hints) in a so called Hotkey Editor:
The hotkey editor operates in two modes - View and Edit. Each mode has two states - Normal and Hint. The Normal state is the default. The Hint state occurs when the mouse hovers over some parts of the editor or in other circumstances.
View mode
Normal state.
The current hotkey is displayed.
The hotkey is enabled.
The hotkey is disabled, and related system resources are not allocated.
Hint state.
A suggestion to change the hotkey is displayed when the mouse hovers over the editor.
Enter Edit mode:
  • click inside the editor;
  • or press the Space while the editor is focused.
Edit mode
Normal state.
The editor shows key symbols if at least one of the following modifier keys is pressed: Shift, Control, Option, Command.
Hint state 1.
Advice to type a hotkey is displayed when no modifier key is pressed.
Hint state 2.
The value of the favorite hotkey is displayed when the mouse hovers over the Star button.
Exit Edit mode:
  • Enter a valid hotkey;
  • Press Escape button;
  • Click on another control to move the focus aside from the editor.
Acceptable hotkeys:
  • A regular key combined with one or more modifier keys;
  • F-key (F1 to F19) with or without modifier keys;
  • Note: if only a regular button is pressed, nothing happens.

4. Change a hotkey

Click inside the hotkey editor.
Enter the hotkey. The editor will return to the View mode automatically.

5. Restore the original hotkey

Click inside the hotkey editor.
Click on the Star button.
Note: The Original hotkey is also known as Default or Favorite.

6. Disable a hotkey

Click inside the hotkey editor.
Click on the checkmark on the left side (it's a toggle button).
The ballot mark appears, and the editor returns to View mode.
Repeat the clicks to enable the hotkey.
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