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About test center

  • It is the starting point about:
    • Preview existing tests and groups.
    • Create custom tests.
    • Organize tests in custom groups.
    • Set the workflow: select target screens, video wall settings and the way test will be driven.
    • Run chosen test or group of tests.
    • Terminated all running tests at once.
  • Workflow area.
    Everything below the "1. Select a screen" label.
  • Test gallery.
    Everything below the "2. Perform a test" label. All tests are organized in few tabbed views: Color, Effects, Custom...

Workflow area

1. Select a screen
You should select a screen (at least one) to enable the test gallery.
All screens
Run the chosen test on all screens.
Only selected screens
Run the chosen test only on screens that are selected in the Screens table view.
Screens table view
All screens recognized by testPoint are shown here.
  • #
    Screen index.

  • Screen selection - select the checkbox to open a test on related screen.
  • Name
    Screen name.
  • C
    Video wall columns.
  • R
    Video wall rows.
All table cells are read-only.
Video wall cols
A control to set the number of video wall columns.
A control to set the number of video wall rows.
Equalize tests at video wall
Select this checkbox to equalize same tests or groups on current video wall.
There is a same option in the dashboard.
Equalize same tests at all screens
Select this checkbox to equalize same tests or groups on all screens.
There is a same option in the dashboard.
Step in cycle
Select this checkbox to navigate tests and groups in cycle.
There is a same option in the dashboard.
Show screen indices
Select this checkbox to show screen indices. Deselect it to hide indices preliminary.
Stop all tests
Terminates all running tests.

Test gallery

Tab control
Available gallery views.
In current release there are: Color, Geometry, Effects, Other and Custom views.
The leftmost column is called Group area. It contains labels and buttons with names of test groups. At its right side is the Test area. It's filled with test buttons.
There are two types of buttons:
  • Test group buttons.
    They are regular buttons located in leftmost column and contain only text.
  • Test buttons.
    They are image buttons located in the Test area.
Each button has a tooltip. Hold the mouse above it for a while to show the tip.

Custom test gallery

This is the rightmost gallery view. Here you can create your own tests and test groups.
The left table contains all custom groups. Here you can create, rename, delete and run your groups.
The right table contains the content of the selected custom group. Here you can add, delete, reorder and run tests.
There are buttons below these two tables. They relates to the selected rows in the tables.
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