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Custom test gallery

This is the rightmost gallery view. Here you can create your own tests and test groups.
The left table contains all custom groups. Here you can create, rename, delete and run your groups.
The right table contains the content of the selected custom group. Here you can add, delete, reorder and run tests. If the checkbox next to the test name is not selected then this test will not be shown while the group is launched. This way you can suspend a test without removing it from the group.
There are buttons below these two tables. They relates to the selected rows in the tables.

Test nomenclature

There are two lists in the nomenclature panel:
  1. testPoint tests.
    This list is read-only. It contains only preinstalled tests.
  2. Custom tests.
    This is a complex view. The list at the left side contains all custom tests. You can edit this list. The right side is a details view and related to the selected test.
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