About halo gallery

The halo gallery is an online library with free halos to download. myPoint can browse the gallery and import the preferred halos.
The gallery can be opened from myPoint menu or halo center.
The gallery browser is opened in front of myPoint panel.
The gallery operates in three states:
  • Thumbnails: the page contains a group of small halo images.
  • Preview: the page contains a halo image in full size.
  • Information: the page contains information related to the work with the gallery.

There is an action bar at the top of the gallery panel:
  • Close halo gallery: closes the gallery panel.
  • Back & Fore: navigates through already visited gallery pages.
  • "Click on image to preview": hint area - shows advice to the user according to the current gallery state.
  • Import halo: imports the selected halo. Active in the preview state.
  • Import without preview: bypass the halo preview. Active in the thumbnails state.
On the top of each gallery page is an index of available pages.
By default, the gallery background is white. To change the color, hover over an image - its background will animate to black.
To preview the halo in full size, please deselect the "import without preview" checkbox and click on chosen halo thumb. The gallery will enter the preview state.
In the preview state, the user can preview a large image of the selected halo.
To import the halo in myPoint please click on the "Import halo" button.
Note: images of some halos are huge. However, their size settings are preset to meaningful values. You can also resize them in the halo center.
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