About mouse halo

The halo is an image permanently shown around or aside of the mouse cursor.
The halo is a customizable entity: size; transparency; rotation speed; offset from mouse pointer; horizontal flip.

Mouse halo center

Halo records and halo set
Halo records table
This table lists all halo records saved in the computer. The table contains two columns:
  • ✓ - shows current halo set selection. Only halos selected in this column will be counted in halo set.
  • Halo name - a descriptive name of halo record.
Note: The halo set is a convenient way to cycling through a set of selected halos without showing funPoint panel. However any halo can be shown by selecting the table row with its name - this halo will become the current one.
Halo record values:
  • Size - Change the size of the halo image.
  • Transparency - change the opacity of halo image.
  • Rotate - select this check box to enable the image rotation. The rotation speed is set via the slider below. Both the CW and CCW rotation directions are supported.
  • Offset - the offset can be enabled and disabled by two check boxes. The horizontal and vertical offsets are set by slider controls.
  • Flip - check it to flip the image horizontally.
Buttons below the record table
  • ⬆Move the table row up.
  • ⬇Move the table row down.
  • ?Open the guide.
Halo activation
Toggle current halo visibility
Hotkey combination to hide the currently visible halo or to show the last shown halo. Default value is ⌥⌘ /.
Show next halo from halo set
Hotkey combination to show the halo following the current halo in the halo set. Default value is ⌃⌥⌘ /.
Note: There are small push buttons next to hotkey editors - press them to simulate the action of the related hotkeys.


Daisy chain is a simple and beautiful pattern. We can find it anywhere in the nature, in our power, analog and digital sets. This halo is a tribute to the great simplicity.
Ancient ornaments. Our predecessors had done great things with such a lack of resources and technologies. We still wonder how they succeeded. This halo is a tribute to the human endeavor and success.
The Fan can change any calm place into a streamlined flow. This halo is a tribute to the human ability to change the surrounding environment.
Ambers are beautiful stones. In fact they are not stones but a fossilized tree resin. Because they originate as a soft, sticky tree resin, amber sometimes contains animal and plant material. These inclusions are million years old and still looking perfect. This halo is a tribute to the memory.
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